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Animal Use Protocol Application

When filling out the animal use protocol application, PIs are encouraged to review the most common revision requests listed below. This information was compiled from real protocols, and the items are listed in order of frequency. PIs can use these tips to help minimize delays during the review process.

IACUC Required Training

All research personnel are required by IACUC to complete certain CITI Training modules and quizzes before participating in a protocol. 

Start by visiting the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative website. New users will register to create an account. Both new and existing users will choose Southern Illinois University courses and complete the following modules:

By completing these required courses, researchers will learn valuable information that is applicable to all protocols, no matter the animal. Other courses may be required depending on the activities involved in the protocol. If an individual plans to conduct surgery, they will also need to complete the Aseptic Surgery course. Additional taxon specific modules are available, so consult with your PI to see if any are applicable to you.

After completion of these courses and their respective quizzes, personnel are required to take a refresher course every three years:

If you need help registering or finding the courses, please take a look at our CITI Instructions. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to email iacuc@siu.edu for further assistance.