Institutional Biosafety Committee

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Southern Illinois University at Carbondale recognizes the need to protect faculty, staff, students and guests from incidents involving hazardous biological materials. To accomplish this, the University will conform to the most recent versions of applicable federal and state guidelines in letter and spirit with respect to acceptable standards for individuals conducting research and educational activities with hazardous biological materials. Current copies of safety standards are available from the Biological Safety Officer (BSO).

Responsibility for ensuring that faculty and staff who conduct research with hazardous biological materials conform to acceptable standards shall rest with the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) and the Biological Safety Officer (BSO). The Office of Research Compliance oversees the Institutional Biosafety Committee.


Dr. Derek Fisher, Institutional Biosafety Committee Chair
Associate Professor
School of Biological Sciences
Dr. Andrew Wood, Institutional Biosafety Committee Officer
Plant Biology
Dr. Jennifer Harris, Vivarium Director
Laboratory Animal Program
Mail Code 6506
Dr. Ruplal Choudhary
Plant, Soil, and Agricultural Systems
Dr. Karen Hales
John Lenzini
Community Development Manager
200 S. Illinois Avenue
Carbondale, IL 62901
Kyle Scerena
Public Health Environmentalist
Jackson County Health Department
(618)684-3143 ext 135
Dr. Judy Davie
Associate Professor
SIUC School of Medicine
Dr. Lahiru Jayakody
Assistant Professor
School of Biological Sciences
Dr. Marijorie Brooks
Associate Professor
School of Biological Sciences
Dr. Michael Lydy
School of Biological Sciences
Dr. Khalid Meksem
School of Agricultural Sciences
Dr. Sarah Kroenlein
Research Compliance
Vice Chancellor for Research

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