Laboratory Animal Program

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Southern Illinois University recognizes and affirms the essential role that research and education involving live animals has in the advancement of biological and medical knowledge. Further, SIU acknowledges that animals used in biomedical research and education should receive the best possible care and treatment.

The Laboratory Animal Program (LAP) is responsible for administering the university's laboratory animal care and use program. The LAP supports SIU animal-related research through the provision of laboratory animal management and veterinary medical care in a limited-access, secure facility.  

Facility access is restricted to authorized personnel only.  Only animal care staff or research personnel who are listed on approved IACUC protocols are granted access. Those personnel must have completed the appropriate IACUC-required training, have enrolled in the occupational health program for SIU, and have completed an orientation to the facility.  This same standard applies to visiting scholars and students who will have animal exposure.

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