IACUC Occupational Health and Safety Program

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Federal regulations require the IACUC to establish and maintain an occupational health and safety program (OHSP). The goal of the Animal Care and Use Occupational Health and Safety Program is to identify risks, implement safety controls, and educate personnel regarding potential unintentional injury or illness caused by work with animals.

Individuals with substantial contact with animals must enroll in the IACUC Occupational Health and Safety Program.

Program Enrollment

Individuals enroll in the OHSP by completing and submitting a medical history and risk assessment form (MHF). Bring the completed form to a physical exam conducted by a medical professional; SIU Health Services is preferred, but individuals may opt to use their personal medical provider. Then, return the completed and signed animal use physical to the Laboratory Animal Program. 

The Laboratory Animal Program does not keep any private medical information. The medical provider signed MHF is valid for 6 years and tetanus immunizations are valid for 10 years. Both must be up to date in order to participate in animal research. 

Before your appointment:

  • Download forms here. There are two parts to the medical history forms, the medical history and risk assessment form, and the animal use physical. Both will be reviewed by your medical provider before they sign the animal use physical.
  • Call Student Health Services at (618) 453-3311 or your medical provider to schedule an appointment. When using Student Health Services, make sure to tell them that the appointment is for a “vivarium physical”
  • Fill out the forms before your appointment, the visit cannot be completed unless the forms are prepared ahead of time. The medical provider signature is the only item that will not be filled out ahead of time
  • You may need to consult your PI for help filling out the risk assessment.

After your appointment:

  • The risk assessment and medical history form should remain at the Student Health Center.
  • Return the animal use physical to the Lab Animal Program office in Life Science III, room 1062.

Hazard Identification 

An important component of any OHSP is ensuring that personnel who are caring for and/or using animals understand potential hazards associated with their work and how to minimize such hazards. Prior to engaging in animal care or research, personnel should familiarize themselves with associated health and safety risks.