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***December 6th will be the VERY LAST DAY to SUBMIT new HSC applications, revisions, and modifications to our office. After that date applications, revisions, and modifications will not be reviewed until after the New Year!* We will not have anybody in the HSC office from December 17th 2019 to January 3rd 2020.***


*Anytime an application is submitted to our office please use your siu email only. Do not put on your application or send your application from your gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc. -Thank you* 



The SIUC Human Subjects Committee is responsible for reviewing all human-subjects research projects, regardless of discipline or funding source, conducted by individuals affiliated with SIUC, including students. This review protects not only the human subjects involved in a research project, but also the researcher and, by extension, the University.  No research involving human subjects should be conducted before determining if the research is subject to HSC review and, if so, receives HSC approval. *All Human Subject's applications must be submitted and reviewed. Some research is not considered human subjects research. The HSC is the decider on this determination not the researcher. If a project is considered not human subjects research, then our office will send you a determination letter.*


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Contact Information:
Human Subjects Committee Office
Woody Hall 373

The Human Subjects Committee office has moved!  You can find us in Woody Hall, Room 373, Mailcode 4344.