Laboratory Animal Program Rates

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Vivarium Charges

When preparing grant applications, please budget for inflationary increases of 3-5 percent annually. 

Per Diem Rates Include:

  • Cage cleaning and sanitization
  • Standard foods and feeding
  • Standard water bottles
  • Routine room cleaning and sanitization
  • Provision and replenishment of soap and paper towels
  • Daily observation of animals
  • Environmental enrichment
  • Daily monitoring of animal environmental parameters (365 days)
  • Routine health surveillance program
  • Routine sanitation surveillance program
  • Veterinary care and routine necropsy fees
  • Waste disposal (routine and specialized)
  • Administrative services
  • Facility and equipment maintenance, repair, and innovation

*Charges are per animal, except for mice. 


rates described for laboratory animal program

Laboratory Animal Program Rates
Species FY 22
Mice, Sterile - per box $1.11
Mice, Conventional - per box $0.58
Hamster $0.48
Rat $0.48
Guinea Pig $1.01
Chicken $0.97
Naked Mole Rat $0.58
* Additional requested cage changes and additional cages used by investigators will be charged the daily rate per cage used for cages fully equipped.  Extra clean cages will be charged at a 50 percent rate of the per diem rate when supplied without bedding, food, water, and enrichment. 
** There will be a minimum charge of $125 per month for rooms with animal numbers too small to reach this minimum in monthly charges in order to meet the costs of room cleaning, regardless of capacity.

*** There will be a $125 charge for setting up a room not already in use.

In order for animal housing rooms to be properly prepared for receipt of animals, please notify the Coordinator of Laboratory Animal Care at least one week prior to your anticipated space needs. 

Special Services

Extra services provided by the animal caretakers:  $40 per hour

Attending Veterinarian Services: $43.45 per hour (External Services: $80.00 per hour)

Examples include, but are not limited to: extra cage changes, breeding colony management, testing during quarantine, special feeding, medication administration, transfers to new investigator or location, nail trimming, tooth trimming, euthanasia, communication with unapproved vendors, handling/management of biohazards, additional cleaning by request, autoclaving. (Animal orders, special foods, medications, and equipment/PPE will incur a 20% surcharge.)

Separation for overcrowding or weaning (24 hours after notification of investigator):  $25.00 per instance

Expired Protocol Management Fee:  $160.00 

*All hourly rates are charged in 15 minute increments, rounded to the next increment* 

Procedure Room Usage

$50.00 per day - Includes cleaning and sanitizing of room before and after use, as needed.

$125.00 per month - Must adhere to rules of vivarium for items kept in the room.  Rooms used for extended periods will be sanitized routinely.

(Reservations are required and subject to availability.)

Surgery Room Usage

$50.00 per day - Includes cleaning and sanitizing of room before and after use, as needed.

Anesthesia Equipment:  $25.00 per day 

Surgical assistance (vivarium technician): $40.00 /hour

(Reservations are required and subject to availability.)

Transportation Charges

Airline/trucking: cost

Shipping box and labor in preparation for shipping: $150.00 for 1st crate. Additional crates + supplies at cost plus 20%.

USDA Health Certificates: $25.00



Necropsy and histopathology initiated by veterinarian: no charge

Necropsy requested by researcher: $43.45/hour

Testing/Histopathology:  cost plus 20%

Laboratory Diagnostics

Routine animal health surveillance:  Included in Per Diem Fees

Diagnostic tests requested for research purposes: $43.45/hour, plus 20% surcharge on materials used